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Bruce McLean "Plates" 28 May 2019

Bruce McLean was born in Glasgow in 1944. Since 1969 (On loose screws, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam) he has been known for his sensational performances. In 1982 he participated in the Dokumenta in Kassel. McLean's work is characterized by versatility, humor and vitality and goes against what is customary in the art world. With his spatial work, McLean constantly encourages the audience to act. In addition to performances, he makes films and is a painter, sculptor and ceramist. Ceramics played an increasingly important role in the work of McLean, the 4 works by Hans den Hollander Prints were part of the 100 unique plates made at the Keramisch Werkcentrum, Heusden in 1988 (now Sundaymorning @ ekwc, Oisterwijk).

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